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Jennifer Elise Wang

Nonbinary Femme in STEM – Pissed Off Pretty Boi Poet
blogger, dancer, cat parent, and action sports enthusiast

Photo by Richard Braxton

  • Interview, first fiction publication, and upcoming reading

    Happy International Asexuality Day! I’m grey-asexual so today is a great day to make some announcements. First, check out the updated publications page for some new pieces published, including a poem in the ace/aro/agender journal AZE and my first short story, “Lucy West Is Not a Stage Name”, in Ghoulish Tales Issue #2 . Secondly,…

  • Inner Moonlight podcast now available

    First, I’d like to thank those who came out to both my Inner Moonlight feature and Literary Night. If you wanted to come to Inner Moonlight but could not, the podcast recording of both my reading and the interview is available now! (If the link below does not work, you can go here.) Thank you…