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In person reading in Denton

Before I get to business, I wanted to give everyone an update on me in case you missed the story on social media. Last month, I was hit by a car while walking to a doctor’s appointment. I got extremely lucky in terms of injuries—just some nasty scrapes, a hematoma on my head, and a sprained ankle/foot. The healing process has been frustratingly slow, but the worst part about everything is the mental stress of processing the event and dealing with the legal and financial fallout of an ER trip. To make everything worse, I was seeing a doctor’s about issues with my eye, which turned out to be a rare autoimmune disorder. That’s another thing that isn’t so bad but is making my life difficult.

That being said, I returned to writing as soon as my eyes stopped feeling strained from the computer, and I have a new reading coming up. These days I hardly ever to Denton so this is a rare opportunity! I’ll be helping Valois J. Vera kick off the release of his new book. The poetry jam takes place this Saturday, July 13 at 6 PM at Brambitt’s Yellow Dog Art Bar. It’s free but please sign up so we know how many people to expect.

If you’re not in Denton, you can check out the podcast version of the Inner Moonlight 6th Anniversary Celebration that I was asked to be a part of:






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