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Jennifer Elise Wang

Nonbinary Femme in STEM – Pissed Off Pretty Boi Poet
blogger, dancer, cat parent, and action sports enthusiast

Photo by Richard Braxton

  • In person reading in Denton

    Before I get to business, I wanted to give everyone an update on me in case you missed the story on social media. Last month, I was hit by a car while walking to a doctor’s appointment. I got extremely lucky in terms of injuries—just some nasty scrapes, a hematoma on my head, and a…

  • Interview, first fiction publication, and upcoming reading

    Happy International Asexuality Day! I’m grey-asexual so today is a great day to make some announcements. First, check out the updated publications page for some new pieces published, including a poem in the ace/aro/agender journal AZE and my first short story, “Lucy West Is Not a Stage Name”, in Ghoulish Tales Issue #2 . Secondly,…